Spotlight on Private Aircraft for Charter

PrivateFly offers you a network of 7000+ private and safety accredited aircraft from 2700 aircraft operators around the globe.

From Small Propeller aircraft like the Piper Navajo to popular light jets including the Hondajet and Cessna Mustang to long range jets such as the Gulfstream, the choice of private aircraft to charter can be confusing.

For private jet charter advice and prices call our 24 hour expert Flight Team on +44 (0)20 7315 4422 or search for instant estimate prices from your local airport using our flight search:

Private Jet Charter Spotlight

Aircraft Olympics
We challenged the PrivateFly private jet fleet of aircraft available to charter in our "Private Jet Olympics".
Which aircraft will take the Gold medal?
Private Jet Olympics

Aircraft Tail Numbers
How to read an aircraft tail number and spot private jets belonging to the rich and famous.Aircraft Tail Numbers

Avro Business Jet
Combine the cabin size of an airliner with the flexibility of a private jet.
Avro Business Jet

Beechcraft King Air
Perfect for golf trips and group travel, fly on the King Air small prop aircraft.
King Air

Beechcraft Resurgence
Hawker Beechcraft and the new Beechcraft Corporation. Is the future safe for the popular King Air aircraft?
Beechcraft Resurgence

Boeing Business Jet
Look inside the world's largest airliners available for private charter.Boeing Business Jet

Bombardier Private Jets
Discover the Bombardier family - Learjet, Challenger and Global Express private aircraft.
Bombardier Jets

Cessna Citation CJ4
Find out more about Cessna's new Citation CJ4 small jet.
Citation CJ4

Citation Latitude
Positioned between the Citation Sovereign and XLS+.
Citation Latitude

Cessna Citation Mustang Renaissance
Will this be the year of the Mustang Renaissance?Cessna Citation Mustang Renaissance

Citation XL
How to hire the world's most popular private jet.
Citation XL

Diamond Twin Star
Fast, great prices and perfect for short private flights.
Diamond Twin Star

Dornier 328
Perfect for group flight charter in VIP comfort.
Dornier 328

Embraer Lineage
Charter this luxury business jet for long haul flights in comfort.

Falcon Jets
Here’s PrivateFly's guide to picking the best Falcon for your flight.Falcon Jet Family

Hawker Private Jets
Meet the to choose the right Hawker aircraft for your flight.
Hawker Jets

Hawker 4000
Lightweight and a comfortable choice for long range private flights.
Hawker 4000

Global 6000 vs G550
The Gulfstream G550 and Bombardier Global Express are key players in the Ultra Long Range Jet market.
Global 6000 vs G550

Bombardier Global
Meet Bombardier's Global family of long range private jets.
Bombardier Global

Gulfstream Private Jets
A short history of Gulfstream jets and the future of Gulfstream.Gulfstream Jets

Gulfstream G650
What makes the new G6 aircraft special? Fly like a Gulfstream G650.
Gulfstream G650

PrivateFly investigates the new fuel efficient private aircraft from Honda - the HondaJet.

Once the definitive private jet, will Learjet 70, 75 and 80 revive the brand?
Learjet Revival

Legacy 500
What advantages will Embraer's Legacy 500 bring to the jet charter market?Legacy 500

Phenom 300
Offering medium jet range in the small jet class, the Phenom 300 looks set to take off.
Phenom 300

Pilatus PC-12
A single turboprop aircraft which combines excellent economy, reliability and versatility. 
Pilatus PC-12

Piaggo Avanti - the Posh Prop
The Avanti competes with jets on speed, size & this the perfect prop?Piaggo Avanti - the Posh Prop

Hire a seaplane for flights which can land on water.
Charter a Seaplane

Space Flights
The new Space Race means you could book a flight into space.Fly into Space

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